The Western Circuit Of Tanzania is exclusive and offers remote national parks that are teeming with wildlife. The Western Circuit of Tanzania is the ideal location for spotting primates in the country. The Gombe National Park, Mahale National Park, Rubondo Island and Katavi National Park provide amazing views of Chimpanzee families. Apart from primates, the Western Circuit National Park offers un-spoilt wildlife viewing in its various National Parks and Game Reserves.

gombe national park

Gombe National Park is Tanzania’s smallest. It is home to the longest on-going study of any wild species, started by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1960. The study on chimpanzees in Gombe has revealed fascinating facts about our closest relatives. Encounters with these amazing primates is a highly elevating experience and being in their natural habitat is truly rewarding. Duikers, baboons, mongoose and bushbucks reside in the park, along with over 230 species of birds and 250 species of butterflies. The park is on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Anything from 3 to 5 days would be ideal for this little gem of nature.

Mahale National Park

Similar to Gombe but less accessible. The Park rises from the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika to the 2,500 metre Mount Nkungwe. It has more to offer though, whereas Gombe has the chimpanzee; Mahale has them, in addition to a larger variety of primates. There are as many bird and butterfly species and the added chance of spotting large game such as elephants, eland, buffalo, lion, leopard & antelope. A longer stay is advisable in Mahale, as there are many walking trails. The lake also offers fishing and bird-watching activities to keep you enthralled with this amazing eco-system.

katavi national park

Katavi National Park is a remote wilderness thick with wildlife, especially in the dry season when herds of buffalo, elephant, hippos and crocodiles congregate to water. Sable, Topi, Eland and various other game are abundant too, keeping the predators close-by. The sheer number and concentration of wildlife, make-up for the lack of spectacular scenery in the park. Logistics make it a rarely visited park, but it is definitely the next big attraction in Tanzania and the roads are under construction. Nevertheless, 4 to 7 days are needed on this adventure, depending on mode of transport from Dar es salaam.


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